The Problem with “No Problem”

I am not sure how it started, yet you have likely heard the phrase “no problem” at the end of many conversations. When I hear this I almost have an allergic reaction! Let’s join the movement to put an end to “no problem.” The “NP” phrase is awful and here’s why.

“No Problem” brings up a problem when there was never one at all. When someone says that phrase now I am thinking about problem!

Years back, when I was learning to teach, one of the instructors said it is important to avoid using the word “no.” He was right, for “no” is negative and like scolding a dog. Another wise teacher shared it is essential to frame feedback in a positive way for people remember the last phrase or word. Do you really want to leave someone with “problem?” Also, instead of saying “don’t” let others know what to do.

“No Problem” gives someone two negatives – “no” and “problem.” Do you really want to do that twice? Here are some alternative phrases to use: “good deal,” “yes done” or “you got it.” There are several other responses, and almost anything is better than the “NP” phrase or the Australian version “no worries.”

Several successful companies train their staff in exactly what to say, and “no problem” is nowhere! Ban the “NP” phrase.

So, speak with others and train your team to end conversations with positive and affirmative phrases. Then, you will not be leaving people with negatives yet spreading some smiles and cheer. “Yes right!”

The Problem with “No Problem”