One stop resource for Racquet Sports and Wellness Professionals

Provide one or all key steps in developing amenities

Seasonal to year-round fitness, tennis and pickleball programs

Increase members and retention

Build community and net gains


Many clubs in the north have seasonal tennis programs for three or four months, e.g. Memorial Day to Labor Day. Our firm will do all the work to find and place a Racquet Sports Professional, who you approve, then supervise, support and pay the Pro throughout the season. Basically, Atlantic Recreation does all the work, yet the facility gets a team of Professionals and library of programs for the same price as it would cost to hire just one person.

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Atlantic Recreation has a much better way of hiring a Director compared to placing an ad and using a volunteer committee. We listen to the club, learn what you want then do 90% of all the work in this lengthy process. Then, we bring in a short list of stellar candidates. The club maintains complete control of the entire process and makes the final decision. Atlantic Recreation even warranties the new hire!

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The health of your fitness or tennis program directly affects your entire club. When was the last time you had your amenities independently reviewed? While General Managers and members can do this to some degree, Atlantic Recreation brings expertise and objectivity to this important action. Depending on what you want, our evaluations can be from a few hours to a few weeks.

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