The health of your wellness or racquet sports program directly affects the entire club. When was the last time you had your amenities independently reviewed? While Managers and members can do this to some degree, Atlantic Recreation brings expertise and objectivity to this important action. Without emotional connections or agendas, we can review part or all of your amenities like staff, programs, communications, courts and maintenance. Then we submit a Professional report with recommendations on the area(s) reviewed. This may reinforce some of your current thoughts or bring new insight and solutions to items you did not know.

Can your courts be effectively resurfaced, or do they actually need to be replaced? How many pickleball courts can you put in a certain area? What is the best approach to convert your lights to LED? How do you find a reputable court contractor? We can assist with important court resurfacing and construction questions. Are your internal operations aligned with external marketing?

Accurate program reviews and court information serve wise forward decisions. Depending on what you want, our consulting can be from a few hours to a week. Knowing the true state of your programs and courts with viable options can be invaluable. Also, this nominal investment can return tenfold.