Service Ace in Life

One of the most exciting shots in tennis is when the server slams a shot in the service box that is untouched by the receiver – a service ace.

In November, when we are grateful and give thanks for our many blessings, I encourage my colleagues in the club industry and Fitness and Tennis Professionals to be a service ace in life.

The recent super typhoon in the Philippines reminds of us that global warming is real and has tragic effects.  Although some in the media will say there is a “debate” about global warming, the scientific community has a clear consensus and view – the earth is now warmer, and this is largely man-made.

Each person and every club can make a difference in the environment and those who are in need.  We are all connected and relatives in the human family.  Here are simple things you can do.

First, act to lessen your carbon footprint and reduce, reuse and recycle.  Then, as part of a thorough operational review, evaluate your club’s “green” policies and procedures.  Regardless of the current state, see if you can make some improvements.  Also, please share your creative solutions and success stories with others.

Next, promote and host a special event with all proceeds going to the typhoon victims.  Or, choose another cause that is close to your heart.  Charity events can be excellent programs to build community.  In the club service industry we are in the business of serving members.  Also, there is real fulfillment in serving the less fortunate.  There are numerous people who do this every day, for this their nature.  You are appreciated, and you are making a difference!

From typhoon victims in the Philippines to the homeless in the United States, there are tremendous needs.

“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.”  Proverbs 22:9

Be a good steward of the environment and have special events for charity.  In doing you will be a service ace in life!

Chris Hagman ACE, USPTA

Service Ace in Life